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Ethiopian Football Federation News Today 2022

Ethiopian Football Federation News Today 2022

Why didn’t the Football Federation want Gondar?

One of the institutions that Ethiopia uses to study its unity and to show its national representation was the current group of thieves and thieves, the Ethiopian Football Federation.

He thought that the Federation is an institution where the most dangerous corrupt, swindlers and racists have accumulated, and now it has lost the dignity of the representation given by law.

Of course, Gondar is not suitable for the Federation. Yes, Gondar is not suitable for thieves and those who deny Ethiopia. In the past years, this federation, which has been harassing the country’s football with racism and nationalism, has been disturbing the decision and weakening the overall capacity of the sector, is never passing a decision on a decision.

The regional government and the Gondar city administration have made preparations for this special event in Gondar in all areas, such as hotel rental, hospitality. By hall rent; The old dangerous groups who run and rob the federation in peace and security have destroyed the decision.

While the term of these leaders ended in May; He said that while the work was being carried out by the Facilitation Committee, we had heard rumors and passed a decision on those who were not affected by the law.

Their decision is the usual way of plotting and robbing, like my mother’s net got in my way. However, it is understood by everyone that this disrespect of the entire Amhara people, disdain for the state of the region, which has a great leadership, false and inappropriate circumstances, spreading terrorist rumors that Gondar was killed by the hands of Heden and deliberately spreading it in the media is a conspiracy to make the region not have peace.

Because of this, the entire Amhara people of Gondar and the government are not willing to accept their conspiracy, these illegal groups who claim to be the leadership of the federation should respect their decision and the event should be held in Gondar. Accountability must also be created on the people.

If this is not the case, it will completely kill the dying speech ball and will have a great impact on the sector in the future and will be a serious challenge for the management.

Although Gondar is not suitable for truth and glory, it is not suitable for lowliness and flattery, but Gondar is standing for its peace and unity because it is not that dangerous corrupt people like Ato Bahru Tilahun will come, so the decision must be respected.


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