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Ethiopian Government and TPLF Negotiation News Today


Ethiopian Government and TPLF Negotiation News Today

Ethiopian Government and TPLF Negotiation News Today

The efforts being made to stop the war between the government and the armed forces of the TPLF , which has been going on for the past 22 months, and to seek a peace settlement, are facing obstacles from the armed forces of the TPLF .
Although the government has announced that it has prepared a document containing a peace recommendation to start the peace talks immediately, Huhat, on the contrary, has declared that the ceasefire agreement has collapsed and declared that “force is the only option” – in a recent statement by the spokesperson.
In a press conference yesterday, Getachew Reda, the spokesperson of the Houthis, stated that the federal government has attacked the Tigray forces on various fronts and said, “The ceasefire agreement has technically been broken.” The government has called the statement issued by the Ethiopian Defense Forces that they were beaten with heavy weapons in the Dedebit area of ​​northwestern Tigray as false.
The Prime Minister’s Press Secretariat, Billene Seum, in his statement to international journalists yesterday; He pointed out that the government of Ethiopia is making great efforts to start the peace negotiations quickly, but it has not been accepted by the government.
The Abiy Committee for Peace, which was established by Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed, has prepared a document containing recommendations for the immediate start of peace talks and the possibility of reaching a ceasefire agreement. He also stated in the statement that the provision of basic services in the region will begin as soon as possible following the ceasefire agreement.
Since the conflict started, the government has been making repeated attempts to give a chance for peace, the government statement said, in order to make the peace option sustainable and free the citizens living in the Afar and Amhara regions of northern Tigray from the problems they are facing, the Houhat armed group should be willing to negotiate for peace.
This call for peace presented by the federal government is not being well received by the armed forces. The spokesperson of Huwat told VOA that there is nothing to negotiate with the government. Ato Getachew Reda, the federal government is not interested in peace. They said that he had broken the ceasefire agreement. After this, we have realized that force is our only option, he said.
“The Ethiopian government is solely responsible for the war,” the spokesman said. The political analysts said that this statement will completely destroy the glimmer of peace. He said it is an indicator that the group is preparing itself for war. The Director General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Theodore Adhanom, recently gave a statement to the international media. “While the situation in Tigray is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, the issue has not received attention because of the skin color of the people in Tigray,” he said.
“Tigris is isolated from the outside world and there are no services such as telephone, electricity and banking. It is not possible to talk about the peace negotiations,” said Dr. Theodore. He said that the humanitarian crisis in Tigray is bigger than the one in Ukraine.
The director-general, who spoke in his statement to world media experts on the Internet last Wednesday, and which was reported by Reuters, dismissed the Prime Minister’s press secretary as unethical and unfit for the position.
He raised concerns that the efforts being made to end the war between the government and the Huhat armed group, which is almost two years old, may be hindered due to various excuses regularly presented by the Huhat group. It is being said that the Huhat armed group is preparing for war.

The national government’s choice to sit for discussions with the head of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) got a blended response among political gatherings.

The national legislature of Ethiopia has reported it is prepared to sit for harmony chats with the TPLF as a milestone defining moment to end 20 months of contention that desolated the northern piece of the country.

The most recent improvement is the development of PM Abiy Ahmed’s declaration two weeks prior that a board of trustees was shaped to initiate the talks with TPLF.

As the PM has not been in the public eye for more than seven days at this point, the most recent declaration came from Redwan Hussien, public safety consultant to the PM.

The public authority is prepared to talk whenever, anyplace. Talks ought to start without preconditions, ‘he tweeted on July 28, 2022.

Redwan additionally repeated that “the AU drives the [negotiation] interaction.’

However invited by a larger number of people, the declaration has made blended reflections based on regardless of whether the conditions are responded by TPLF.

Only days before the national government’s declaration, Debretsion Gebremichael, head of the TPLF, told provincial news sources that his group couldn’t arrange except if the central government resumes fundamental administrations first.

Tigray stays disengaged from power, telecom, banking, financial plan and different administrations since the conflict broke out in November 2020. Debretsion likewise cautioned his powers could do battle again except if these administrations are continued. The TPLF additionally been expressing that the exchange should remember other resistance ideological groups for Ethiopia. TPLF’s advantage is additionally to hold the talks in Nairobi. It likewise articulated its dissatisfaction with regards to the discussion being led under the support of AU.

Then again, the national government has been requesting the TPLF to set down arms and sit for harmony talks.

TPLF has not formally responded to Redwan’s tweet up until this point. In any case, onlookers and political experts stress that the outcome of the exchange is currently at a junction.

Goitom Tsegaye, representative executive of Arena Tigray, a resistance in Tigray, is among legislators that don’t support the expression “whenever,” which is logical saying there is no time limit. “A definitive objective of the discussion ought to be to tackle the enduring individuals in Tigray.”

Merara Gudina (PhD), executive of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), opposes a discussion that does exclude every ideological group and guerillas pushed out of the political space.

“It is an exercise in futility and a political dream to feel that the public authority will carry enduring harmony and steadiness to Ethiopia by haggling with just a single gathering. We didn’t see the arrangements on the ground to go into discussions and furthermore didn’t see a comprehensive way to deal with talks. Indeed, even in the public discourse, we are not seeing a smidgen of going past the promulgation from the governmental issues of demand to the governmental issues of exchange that can take care of the issues.”

Since last year, the African Union and the Kenyan government have been attempting to intervene between the two fighting gatherings. The national government needs previous Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, who is currently the Organization’s High-Representative for the Horn of Africa, to lead the discussion cycle. Then again, TPLF is looking for Kenya’s leader, Uhuru Kenyatta, to intercede.

Different researchers likewise contend that Eritrea, Amhara provincial government, whose powers took part in the Tigray war, ought to be important for the exchange

“Not all issues can be addressed with weapons. As a party, we have said that the method for tackling the issue is through exchange,” says Seife-Selassie Ayalew (PhD), representative President of Enat Party. “On the off chance that the exchange holds on until the interest is satisfied, it requires a great deal of investment, which draws out the enduring of the people in question.”

The TPLF pioneers likewise have a mandate on their tables, a choice to stop the true state, in the event that the discussion neglects to prove to be fruitful.

“Our party doesn’t acknowledge the mandate. The issue of individuals of Tigray can be addressed through exchanges,” contends Seife-Selassie.

Merara concurs with Seife-Selasse that a mandate won’t tackle the issue.



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