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Ethiopian Sidama Region News 2022

Ethiopian Sidama Region News 2022

Sidama region is structured in how many zones?

In a recent statement by the Speaker of the Sidama Regional Council Mrs. Fantaye Kebede, she said that the Sidama Region will have 4 zones and 1 city administration.

Hawassa City Administration, Hawassa City Surrounding Zone will have structures named according to their directions.

This zoning structure is expected to be examined and approved at the council’s meeting.

Mrs. Fantaye Kebede said, “Before there was one zone and one city administration, now there are 4 zones and one city administration where structures are organized at the zone level.”

Yohannan Yokamo, a professor of law and international relations who conducted a private study with the financial support of Hawassa University regarding the organization of the zone, said that the structure is good.

Teacher Yohanan said that the new structure of Sidama has been 100% accepted by all politicians and scholars.

Explaining its importance, he said, “There will be no conflict tomorrow, there will be no such things as tribes. It can accommodate the diversity of the population, it is inclusive, … the majority agree to reduce the number, and it also takes into account the resources and the environment.”

The teacher said that when the zones are organized, care should be taken in appointing officials.

“Especially when they are structuring, if they give power based on ethnic quotas, there will be people who say ‘I have taken it.’

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