You are currently viewing Reporter Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2022 This Week

Reporter Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2022 This Week

Reporter Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2022 This Week

Reporter Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2022 This Week


Tana microfinance s.c
Tans Micro Finance S.0

Date: 16/12 /20214 E.0 —- -20/12/2014 E.0
Job Vacancy announcement Tana Micro Finance S.0 invites interested applicants in the following positions who fulfill the under-listed requirements.
N Position
Branch Manager

Minimum Edu. requirements
BA Degree/College Diploma in Marketing/Management/Economics/Accounting or related field
Credit and Saving Officer I
Branch Accountant Branch Cashier
BA Degree /College Diploma in Management Accounting or related fields BA degree /Diploma in Accounting BA degree /College Diploma in Accounting; Management or related fields
Manager & cleaner
Experience required 3/5 years of relevant experience in the microfinance institution,at list 1-year experience in managerial position 2/4 years of relevant experience in microfinance institution
No required
2/6 years of relevant ex experience,and above 1/3 years of relevant experience
College Diploma/TVT in I years of relevant Accounting; Management or 1 experience related fields
Salary As per the scale of the company .;;– Place of work Durbetie 1%k Employment type full-time Interested applicants can submit their application Letter and CV with non-return which reveal their educational qualification and work experience at Durbetie bra S.0 within Five (5) working days from date of announcement of this vacancy Address/ Registration place/: – Durbetie in front of Bite Garden at Office 843 BD

phone No:- 0583207265

Reporter Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2022 This Week

Reporter Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2022 This Week

Reporter Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2022 This Week

Bank of Abyssinia Job Vacancy 2022

Position 1 – Cash Office Attendant

Qualification :
12th/10th Grade Complete
Experience – 2 years of Cognate Banking experience.
Chefa Robit Branch.
Deadline: August 26/22

Position 2 – Cash Office Attendant

Qualification:12th/10th Grade Complete
Experience – 2 years of Cognate Banking Experience
Work Place – Senbete Branch
Deadline: August 26/22
Please upload your none returnable updated CV, Degree, experience, and cost-sharing credentials
and 8th-grade certification (full document).
Incomplete and postal application is not accepted.
Please mention the specific workplace or branch that you apply




1-Prepaid gift cards

These cards can be obtained as gifts from various parties and cannot be used again after the amount of money on the cards is exhausted.

2-Retail Prepaid Cards/Retail Prepaid Cards

These cards are different from gift cards, which are used by gas suppliers, airlines or supermarkets in cooperation with banks or card issuing organizations to give users reward points, air miles (Miles), discounts, when they make payments or transactions.

3-Prepaid travel cards

Prepaid travel cards are issued by banks to individuals traveling abroad, ticket and visa, and subscription status, and the amount can be loaded in foreign currency and used in hospitals, shops and online payments in the country of destination.

When the amount loaded on the cards runs out and more money is needed, it requires a top-up. Also, some cards can be used to transfer funds using the PAN number. For example, Abyssinia Bank Travel Prepaid Cards can accept or transfer up to 3000 US dollars in excess of the initial amount loaded on them.

4-Payment and purchase cards used for general services

These cards can be used for any type of daily purchases and payments, and are reloadable when the amount loaded on them runs out. Prepaid cards have different features than others, so that spending doesn’t get out of control. This is because once the amount of money on the cards is spent, it’s gone. Studies show that many people find it easier to overspend with cards than with cash.

Debit card

Debit cards are usually linked to a mobile account. This allows you to spend, make transactions or make payments as much as you have in your savings or mobile account. In other words, they can easily use the money in the account through the cards for the desired purpose.

Currently, in addition to not being able to spend more than the limit or the amount of money available on the account, even if you want to spend more, it is not possible to get more spending or payment money. Of course, even if the service is not currently in use, some debit cards may be linked to an overdraft facility, which allows you to use more than the amount available in your account.

Credit card

In short, a credit card allows you to get money in the form of a loan for shopping, other payments or expenses, and it allows you to use the credit amount or credit limit allowed to be used by the card.

To increase your credit score, you want to improve your credit score by using good credit or using a credit card responsibly. On the other hand, irresponsible use of credit cards can lead to overspending, debt accumulation, late payments, and even credit damage.

Finally, in relation to cards, various services in domestic and international categories such as Premium, Platinum, Gold or Standard.


The new inventions born by the age, the contribution they make in simplifying the complex life of human beings is not easy to say. lighten the heavy burden; offering a long way; It was possible to bring the peripheral to the center. The gifts of time narrow the wide world; By expanding the narrow neighborhood; They have made it possible to approach from one end to the other.

The new age gifts that have been created, are constantly being trained and improved, and are always changing their behavior and behavior at an amazing rate. We knew it yesterday. The discovery that we are used to, is becoming more updated today. We are getting closer. It is becoming more convenient to use. Therefore, to understand this character, it is necessary to travel along with the times.

Since joining the banking industry, Abyssinia Bank has been keeping pace with the times by modernizing its services. By building this value, it is introducing new ways of service delivery that provide comfort to the customers and make them satisfied with the service.

Here it is today! Digitalization has made the touch of paper a history. Facilitate access to the largest bank anywhere and anytime; To ensure smooth and safe flow of funds by avoiding irregularities; We would like to introduce you to mobile banking, which allows us to easily access the net information without any hassles.

It is the phone that most people keep in their hands at any time and wherever they move. Mobile banking that has come along with the growth of phone technology; It is now becoming one of the most preferred services in banking technology. By quickly answering various banking service requests, it will reduce unnecessary hassles and reduce additional service charges, reducing time to a great extent.

Checking your balance using the Mobile Banking App; carry out transactions anywhere; It allows for healthy and improved financial processes. If these services can be accessed by phone, it is necessary to use mobile banking today.

It allows you to control your time in the process of moving your money.
One of the key benefits of mobile banking is that you can conveniently access your account from anywhere. Therefore, it allows you to know your balance by counting your income and expenses “even if you are on vacation” without waiting for the closing time of the working hours, or the end of the month, or the closing of the year’s budget. This is more than saving time and money.

Eliminates bottlenecks by transferring money faster;
You may need to make a payment now; Let’s just forget about the pressure of work. To do this, you need to go to an Obligatory Bank or an ATM. And this is not going to happen quickly. So you have to find a solution that allows you to make payments instantly from wherever you are. Another key advantage of mobile banking is this: it allows money transfer processes to be carried out instantly. It’s as simple as that.

It lets you easily track last-minute transfers;
Mobile banking helps you plan what kind of payments you need to make in minutes. To easily manage recurring payments; To deposit money from your savings into a checking account; It also provides you with real-time information, making transfers easy.

It helps to conveniently track various services;
To check balances; To transfer funds; It helps prevent potential fraud in day-to-day transactions.

It helps to budget well.
It allows you to balance your income and expenses by checking your balance before spending your money; It helps you plan to achieve your goals in a reliable way.

While mobile banking has many advantages in managing your money easily; It also requires making sure that it is safe. Because the mobile application is designed keeping in mind the capabilities and responsibilities of the user; It is because he wants to understand that with the service, his safety is in the hands of the owner himself. Therefore, below are some additional steps and safety tips you should take:

Lock your phone.
Lock your phone using strong passwords, pattern, face or fingerprint. Perhaps if your phone falls into the wrong hands, data and apps may become inaccessible. So you can create a strong passcode by combining long words, letters and numbers, using unusual phrases or shapes. So don’t forget to change your passcodes every three months.

Don’t use open WiFi:
Be careful if you use free WiFi. Do not attempt to use online banking services. Because they allow any party to break in and access your information easily. Therefore, not making online purchases; You should try not to pay bills. But don’t forget to use a virtual private network (VPN) if you must use public WiFi to make payments.

Don’t forget to update apps:
Banks regularly release updates to the applications they develop to introduce new features and maintain the security of the application. So, it means that you are expected to update apps regularly and install them immediately. By doing this, you can use reliable mobile banking apps.

Beware of misleading messages
Apart from the passwords, numbers or confidential information sent by the bank, beware of messages sent to you by other impersonators at all times.

By downloading the Abyssinia mobile banking application from the Play Store or the Apple Store, you can access the bank’s services from wherever you are. Understanding the times and using the results of the times allows us to move forward.

Abyssinia is the game of all!!

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