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The story of me and my beloved grandmother

We sit on our house of my grandparents, and we release it. I did not look back from asking, and Dad, is not tired. “… Dad, you will be busy! What does man and a tree meet? “I say, The explanation that he has already given me
Following. He was talking about the big tree and life of man. “… connecting. Naturally everything has something that is intended to one another. How can we imitate all our lives and our lives! >> IT’S HERE. The gas fruit of the passe of the pillar … The “soil is the world, the foundation of all things. The country is the tree you see. Our ancestors and other our back family are under the tree. For this above, they are the foundation of this trunk, branch, flower, flower and fruit. If it does not come to the top of the tree, it does not appear above, from the above life that is cut down below.
They are grandparents, The all cage, the branch, and the leaves are parents, Direct parts of the stem and the spam of the sun, the reception of the sun’s heat and all the results. And the flower and the fruit are children, and they grow up of the skeets of the skeleton, the soil of the soil and the clergy. They bite or disobey, disobeying, disobeying, floating. The profile of a beauty profile and a positive life line If the tree is not cooked
For the generation called the Next! …. And when I do not always know this tree, something that does not destroy it is time for time / season. When he is the season, this tree is the shadow of many. The pursuit of many. In modern times, I will be obeyed when all the situation changes.
During his past, he was the area of ​​purple flowers, and the terrain was in the area, and the trend of a fine was accomplished. The passenger, the camp, and the traveler was amazed at him for a few minutes. Many people believe it, if we are in our area.
During his mother, I would sit down when the tree survived and stumbled in the wind and smote in the wind, and silenced. The fans will be fucking. In addition to the officer’s bench, bees pulled her in the flock, insects, the horrors and ants, have been rejoicing on the surface, When I sang the birds, the birds singing and danced in the morning, the birds were darkened and the darkness of our environment. And all the full joy and confidence, the whole joy and confidence will be pleased. If you do this, you can
I think of the end of the unreliable forces of jawed. The tree is the poet of life and origin, sickness, and human phrase sick and gold. During the time, Janhoaye died on the season of fear and honor from the ground. Believe of a poor father, the beaver and shadow of
They would have told them. (Bring like the meal). And the people seemed to be happy. (All without falling and all that have done
Before it’s just off.)
That was in the last place. The soldiers surrounded the palace in the middle of the house. The thri-threey delegates who occurred in the palace was compared by Shambel Dinisa. Janhoayam told them that they had been told from a fleet and sat down from their throat. TV cameras are remedied. Following Shamlow Early, Deneta Dinisa was shocked and read them
ፄ … … … The Gentile Hailemea, Today’s Garden and the Patient of the People For your safety, the Coordinator Committee was also confined to your coordinator. >>
(And when they finished salute the earth with the ground shook the ground. It is fly
Tombrobal and his strength, and his faith in the head with the king; << We don’t have time, but you don’t have a time. …. I can’t say that their glorious gentle. ” And the head is down to the prisoner after a few things, “Now that you have it, Everything has gone! … >>. >> Once again, the silence was hungry for the Midst of the seconds.
Finally, the king said, “We have heard what you read. It is not just a name when we are the Jewish king. However, the changingly changing thing, and if you can ease Ethiopia, you can end up if you are able to develop Ethiopia. If you can’t
History stops there and resumes. We have served our country and people. If the Ethiopian people would require our disorders, we are ready to overcome our work and we are ready to accept anything. If you are now the turn, wait in Ethiopia. ”
This is the same. While the Jacarandan leaves and flowers, all of them rebelled and impressed him. Many do not notice that when the leaves dry and survive. They turn their faces to the other and the exporters.
In fact, it was the next story next. After the sisters, the soldiers have: << Please follow us, please follow us!
Then the Janhow was locked; “Where are you going? Where do we come?
“It’s Addis Ababa. It is a secret place for your safety. I’m not allowed to tell you the right place. >>
<< Can we follow a rock?! >>
“Yes, Glory. Whom do you want? What is the name? >>
“What you have asked his name. If we need one rock, we will not be enough!?
And immediately they called me. Janholi another question when the car-handed arises Can we go to the textbook! >>
“As as as as as as as as many Janhor! … >> Janholey saw the soldier in the middle of the soldiers and said, “Why do you hide your device, you hold your device?”
<< The Janhol! … >>
“To handle us?”
“No, O Gardene! I mean the device! >> “they smiled and smiled and search for their roles with their eyes. She was the only old Volk, standing in the place. Limited and boarded with the driver of the driver, Gaba and later after the soldier set out. The people who collected from outside the people said, “Thubble Fiber. One of its duty, one of its unbroken speakers said the last area.
“… I remember, at 20, 1967, and I was hugged in the morning. I was allowed to tell Janhol, and I told him to tell him. It was around three hours of the evening. When I went to bed to their beds, they were raised from their double and said: “Are you looking for the home? Exit them therefore therefore. We make it a broader! “I immediately shake their homes, and ask their homes,
“But true, are you in the world ?! Don’t we tire the truth?! >>
When this gauge Jacarainda changes during the time of our gasranda, the leaves and flowers will be started. As the whole flowers are all the flowers, our local people and the inhabitant will be reassure the flowers of the area and the inheritance on the ground. He will be destroyed as he is upright as the past, and he will forget all. I’m aware of the biggest race start despair. As they slowly, the birds that the birds of the birds of it will be destroyed when the birds are falling in one another. Because the old majesty of the majesty is destroyed, all flee; They will be able to push him as soon as there is no place.
When the season, it will be frightening as the mighty of the past. I see the more lonely every day and I see it eagerly waiting for the fan and its envy. But they all forget it. He upheld the branches into the sky and a sever

I see it when I gathered him to his God, crying out to his God. I think that he had a hatred, who was preoccupied because of problems. And he looked up to the sky, and said: “What happened to my God? Please buy me! ”
Think of his acts slowly. But he will bite in loneliness. At echo, he is struggling to overcome the months.
When the morning of one night, when we wake up early in the morning of an early season, a bird looks open from the branch. He struck the body and hoped that small leaves began to cool from the body and the branches. I’m supposed to switch when it is right. The birds of the days begin to return to him. One … two … three …: “I see the center of my eyes, and said:” Who who tells the future of suffering and loneliness! ” >> I meditate on.
<<…yes! Season changes. Leaving and reckoning and struggling and struggling and to get up.>
Dad continued his supporter, saying: “Genuine the law of nature and the law of the strates of the stomachs. And he cannot be that which is that that is. If we are not natural, we only have a substitute, without a substitute. It is of us if we have shown the beautiful flowers and the fruits. ”
“… the cold in the bottom of the cold! Let’s go home! The time changes the time. A difficult time! … ” Dad is old; Yet, he saw the flowers and the fruits, and it is the father of my death in glory. I followed him slowly. But I was in my heart.
<… If the tree do not be afraid, what happens? What about the tree because of his spread and the natural sun? What about their natural water? And what about it in the area and the coming coming? ….
I followed him quickly. And I do not overcome my question, and he continues to explain it in Jaguarana. The tree will struggle to pass seasons, not time for time. Generation passes, but time is alive. Is it that it’s not for all times? Time all
It’s tool. It is not because no one is trampled from his chariot, the life of the illness, and his glory. … Bedga gater beds, I thought it was good; But when I see my fathers, all are in land. …. (Graduate)
Happy Birthday Janhoaye / Memorial to July 16


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